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The founders of GetReminded are Tim Nicholas, David Wareing and Silje Dreyer.

It is an old adage that the best ideas are borne out of a real-world experience. The inspiration for GetRemindedTM came when we realised that people were incurring hundreds of dollars of unnecessary costs on expired energy contracts and mobile phone plans.

This sparked a discussion of how to help people stay in control of their personal contracts and policies – in fact, anything that has an expiry date and where on-time renewal will save money.

This website and the mobile app have been created with that objective in mind.

The GetReminded story is just beginning.  We anticipate many ways to help consumers take more control over their contractual and personal commitments – and possibly save some money in the process.

GetReminded is based in Sydney at 119 Willoughby Road, Willoughby 2065 NSW Australia and can be contacted on